David Valaer

Founder & President

  • Former F-16 & National Aerobatic Champion, Current Airline Transport pilot.

  • Simplex Aerospace 100% owner & CEO (acquired by Dart).

  • Lead Engineering group/co-developed with David Hastings over 25 new FAA certified products.

  • Oversaw outside Flight Test DAR’s DER’s, Oversaw Quality control & PMA.

  • Led Simplex sales, product design, certification, manufacturing, QC, & support.

  • Grew profit margins 30% to 70% & 26x increase in value.

  • MBA in finance from University of Texas.

  • Contact: [email protected] or (503) 998-9552
Joe Hoffman Bio picture July 27, 2022-1
Joseph Hoffman

Director of Strategy

  • Group VP for L-3, where he developed the Green Taxi ETS.

  • Led Development of Green Taxi incl mgmt. of overseas division.

  • Led strategic BD for 20 divisions across multiple markets.

  • As President of ACSS division & delivered >30% EBIT.

  • Product Line Leader at Honeywell where he doubled sales.

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State U.

  • Contact: [email protected] or (602) 284-8405
Phil Moylan Bio Photo July 26, 2022JPG-1
Philip Moylan

Business Development Executive

  • Founder and president Moylan Marketing Consultants.

  • Key to sales of Flight Dynamics HGS (HUD) for 18 years.

  • Involved in many new technologies incl EVS.

  • Over 7 years experience in Wheel-Motor Electric Taxi Systems.

  • Canadian DAR-87 General (same as US DER).

  • Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering at Carleton U in Ottawa.

  • Contact: [email protected] or (949) 228-0622
Mark Harris Bio picture-1
Mark Harris

Director Motor Design

  • DRS Leonardo- Senior project engineer.

  • Developed conceptual electric taxi system with Boeing Commercial Aircraft.

  • Designed high power permanent magnet technologies for various landing gear configurations.

  • Designed high power permanent magnet technologies for various landing gear configurations.

  • Developed key technologies to motor cooling and fail safe systems.

  • Naval Research Laboratory Subcontractor (NRL) Electronics engineer for electric aircraft.

  • Naval Avionics Center Engineer/designer for microelectronics packages for Navy aircraft.

  • BSME from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

  • Contact: [email protected] or (978) 395-5518
David Hastings Bio Photo July 30, 2022-1
David J Hastings


  • US Air Force Avionic System Specialist Vietnam Era Veteran.

  • Isolair Inc- Helicopter systems company- Director of Engineering-

  • Simplex Aerospace (Dart) Helicopter systems company, Director of Engineering.

  • Completed over 25 new STC’s with David Valaer.

  • Greenpoint Technologies Inc.- Senior Certification Engineer.

  • Boeing 787-8 Program Management DER, Completed over 7 STC’s on Transport Aircraft.

  • Founder & President of Advanced Certification and Design Inc.

  • Contact: [email protected] or (503) 209-6409
Carter Chapman Bio Photo July 26, 2022-1
Carter Chapman

Airline Consultant

  • Current Airbus A220 Lead Acceptance Test Pilot.

  • Instructor Pilot and Check Airman.

  • Instructor Pilot and Check Airman.

  • Delta Airlines Former Chief Technical Pilot.

  • Net Jets Aviation, Manager of Pilot Training and Director Safety.

  • US Navy, Commanding Officer.

  • Graduate of the Naval Safety School.

  • Total Flight Time – 23,850 Hours.

  • Contact: [email protected] or 404-316-7419

The Green Taxi System reduces aircraft fuel consumption and carbon emissions during ground operations by allowing aircraft to taxi without using their main jet engines. Electric motors located on the landing gear wheels powered by the existing Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) allows the plane to move forward or backwards with normal steering and braking by the pilot. Green Taxi is a breakthrough innovation reducing carbon footprint emissions, reducing fuel use, increasing brake life, improving on-time performance and other saving direct and indirect aircraft ground operating costs.

With operating costs and environmental initiatives at the top of aircraft operators concerns, the Green Taxi System provides a viable solution to achieve lower cost and greener operations. By adopting this new and innovative aircraft system, operators can save several hundred thousand dollars per aircraft per year and improve their bottom line while reducing the environmental impact of airport ground operations.

Greener Operation – The electric Green Taxi system greatly reduces engine emissions, resulting in annual reduction of millions of tons of CO2, NOx emissions, lower carbon taxes and making significant progress in reaching “carbon neutral” corporate goals.

Lower Fuel Burn – Jet engines are very inefficient on the ground at taxi settings. Taxi operations burn a significant amount of fuel — millions of tons of fuel per year — the Green Taxi System can result in savings exceeding 4% of total block fuel consumption.

Improved On Time Performance – Aircraft equipped with the system will be able to “pushback and go” more quickly, reducing both gate and tarmac congestion, improving on-time departure performance and saving valuable time on the ground. The Green Taxi aircraft can taxi to the runway quietly for early morning departures and be first in line for takeoff.

Added Value – System operation eliminates the need for aircraft push back and towing via tug tractor while also reducing brake wear, extending main engine life, enhancing ground crew safety, and reducing noise in the airport environment.

The innovative Green Taxi system delivers significant environmental benefits and greatly improves aircraft operating efficiency.